It's the Law. You Can Choose Who Completes Your Auto Body Repair

It's the Law. You Can Choose Who Completes Your Auto Body Repair

You Can Choose Who Completes Your Auto Body RepairThe minutes, hours and days after an auto accident are often full of phone calls to insurance companies, doctors, auto body repair centers and sometimes lawyers. But before you go calling several different car repair facilities to get the quotes your insurance company requested there is something that you need to know that is often misunderstood. You have the legal right to select the auto body repair shop that works on your car and you only need one quote.

Insurance companies may give you a list of preferred auto body shops that it likes to work with, but that doesn't mean that you have to go to them. The law states you have the final say about which shop will complete your repairs, and the insurance company must pay for any damages that your policy covers, regardless of which shop you select. However, you must understand your insurance policy before assuming all damages will be covered.

You may be asked to get several quotes to estimate the amount the damage will cost to repair, but there is also no law stating you need to get more than one. However, you may want to get several estimates on your own. Differences in estimates are fairly common and a cheaper quote may not reflect all the necessary repairs. You may also leave your car at an auto body repair shop of your choice and have the insurance estimator inspect the damaged vehicle there.

Another great thing about selecting your own auto body repair shop is that the shop will often negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get all the necessary repairs at no additional cost to you. The professional auto body technicians at Ficarro's Auto Body in Ewing strive to provide the best customer service experience and we work with all major insurance companies. You can trust the pros here to get your car back on the road in a timely and safe manner and we're happy to speak with your insurance company to make sure the repairs are completed as much as possible under your coverage. To request a quote or for expert collision repair in Ewing call Ficarro's Auto body today at (609) 422-5140 and be sure to check out our special offers.

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